10 key attributes of a successful b2b brand

B2B companies are beginning to understand the power of brands in the marketplace.  Being the number one brand in a marketplace makes you a target for competitive brands, but also an easier brand sell to the target audience. Being the #5 brand in the market doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, but it does mean it’s time to do something about what your brand stands for.

10 key brand attributes

As brands evolve and mature, there are 10 key attributes that a b2b brand needs to possess in order to be successful in today’s connected market where customers and prospects control the flow of buying information that they receive and consider as well as the entire buying process itself.  A strong b2b brand:

  • Is built around functional and emotional brand attributes that are important to the audience and distinctive enough to build differentiation from other competitive brands
  • Looks for and builds its brand value, vision, and promise around their customers’ businesses, not their own
  • Finds a unique human voice that speaks in a voice that customers understand (and speak)
  • Participates in the marketplace conversation around its brand by listening, learning, reacting and responding
  • Creates meaningful dialogues with customers and prospects around the brand and marketplace issues, not monologues
  • Connects employees directly to the market conversation and allows them to interact as needed to support the brand
  • Connects employees to customers in a supportive manner
  • Aligns external market needs with the company’s internal culture
  • Is usually based on a consistent corporate belief around why the company exists and does what it does
  • Use this shared belief to secure trust and loyalty within the organization as well as outside among customers and potential customers
  • Brand Wheaties

    Building a strong b2b brand is extremely important in today’s world of many brand choices.  It’s critical to brand success. Building a brand that truly stands for something that is meaningful to customers and prospects is the best place for your brand to be.  So eat your Wheaties and take a look at the the Mobium e-Book, Brandwidth. And build your b2b brand 10 ways (or more.)

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