3D: Fun or unfun?

3D Glasses

Red Cyan Anaglyph 3D Glasses from ultimate3dheaven

When someone mentions 3D to me, I instantly think of those old school white paper glasses with the plastic red and blue lenses that made images “pop.” I remember seeing one of my first 3D movies way back in the day at Disney World, when I was really young. I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Fast forward years later and we have the new and improved 3D with the growing technology to match our expectations of what 3D should be. It is kind of crazy to think how far 3D technology has come and where it might go.

I recently saw MIB 3, which I enjoyed. I thought my parents might like to see it too, so I commented on the movie and how great it was in 3D. My parents think that 3D is one of those passing trends that will die out in the near future. But, this is coming from people who refuse to change their 100-year-old cell phone account and add texting to the equation because they don’t “get it.” Instead of texting they e-mail everything…on their phones–which in my opinion is the same thing–but anywho, I’m just glad they use email. If you really think about it though, they have had 3D for a LONG time; I just don’t think people realize it. According to wiki “3D films have existed in some form since 1915”–in the technology world that’s like a bajilion years old.

I know I’m not super old, but I’m old enough that things they had when I was a kid are becoming the things younger generations laugh at. For instance, my generation couldn’t understand the 8-track. While writing this, I had to actually ask Mobium’s very own Mike Speck what these strange devices were called and then I had to look them up to see if they looked familiar (which they didn’t).

It’s always fun thinking about things you’ve experienced over the years. There are a lot of trends that come and go and some that really should have never come out at all; but, I don’t really see 3D dying anytime soon. I see 3D maybe evolving or mutating and becoming standard technology or the norm like high definition everything.

By evolving and mutating into something else, I mean ideas like holograms or projections where there are no perception limitations. Take a look at a couple of things that popped into my head hearing the word 3D:

Minority Report: Eye scanning 3D ads:

Iron Man Tony Stark and his 3D holograms:

So now when someone mentions 3D, you just might have some other crazy idea pop into your head, besides things like those paper 3D glasses or picture viewers. The crazy ideas aren’t that far off from becoming a reality. Now if I can just get my parents to think “crazy” and get text messaging on their cell phones.

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  1. I only know what an 8-track is from stories my dad used to tell me…

  2. Penny aka mom says:

    This is your Ps. We still aren’t texting and 8 tracks are cool:)

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