3-D Printing

Kickstarter - Adjunct Engineering LLC: Printxel 3-D Printer Beta Kit

Ever hear of 3-D Printing? I know when you hear the word 3-D you think of goofy glasses that make movies “pop;” but 3-D printing doesn’t involve goofy glasses…unless you wanted to print a pair of course.

Yup, that’s right print, 3-D print. According to Mashable.com “additive manufacturing or 3-D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. 3-D printing is achieved using additive processes, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material”. Yeah, I know sounds boring but check out this time lapse video of Yoda as an example of what this mumbo jumbo means.

Basically, anything your creative mind can imagine, you can fabricate and you can do it without all those processes to get it out on the selling floor. You can print something extremely complex with intricate parts, twisting designs, details within details to something as simple as a toy duck.

Through growing technology and interest, 3-D printing is becoming more available and more affordable to people like you and me. Even now there are companies like shapeways.com that specialize in 3-D printing for people who have that great idea but maybe not the means to produce it. Check out some of the stuff other people have printed here.

This is going to be so amazing in the future! I can’t even imagine what this technology is going to do for the mass amounts of people once it gets to the point personal computers are at. Imagine making a prototype of a project you’re working on the same day you make those final revisions? Or printing some super expensive and vital component to some life saving device the same day it breaks down or is needed? You can do all kinds of thing, like designing your own jewelry, making  toys for your kids or replacing a computer part etc.

The possibilities are limitless and extremely exciting! If you want to learn a little bit more about 3-D printing there is an informative Ted Talk here. I will own one and I will make awesome things…eventually. What kinds of awesome would you make?


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