Avoiding a b2b apocalypse

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Since the Mayan apocalypse didn’t happen, we’ve all got to face a harsh reality of our modern-day b2b world: You are no longer in control.

Gone are the days of inside-out branding methods and content control in the hands of the company. The reality is, your customers and prospects control not only the communications and gathering process about your brand, but they are also redefining how much your product correlates with their values. You can add all of the gizmos and gadgets that you would like to a product, but if customers don’t feel the emotional assurance that your brand is the right brand, then your company is facing its own personal apocalypse.

But before you go hoarding canned goods and kerosene lamps, maybe we can help you out.

With a shift in control as monumental as what the b2b world is facing, it’s going to take more than a logo change and a product tweak to get consumers‘ attention.

The answer is almost so obvious, it’s scary: we have to remember the market. This is where your customers buy or choose not to buy your brand. It’s where the brand has generated and will generate income flow and long-term assets.

But it’s probably time to rethink how you’re utilizing that market. Consider an approach that revolves around customer and prospect perceptions, not after you’ve finished a product, not when you’re ready to send out your invoices and file your patents. Your brand needs to revolve around customer perceptions from the very beginning. If you need to translate your brand promise to make it meaningful to customers’ and prospects’ needs when they’re ready to make their buying decision, you better start sealing your windows and stocking up on batteries, because the end is near.

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