B2b marketers fail community marketing test

A Forrester survey on the use of “community marketing” tactics was highlighted by BtoB Magazine recently. The headline of the article is the headline of this blog entry.

Basically, the survey showed that ONLY 33% of b2b marketers use blogs. The report stated that “emerging social tactics are languishing under the corporate communications umbrella.” That these “professionals lack the customer insight and deep product knowledge to make interactive tactics relevant, authentic and involving.” The end result are blogs and podcasts that “sound like press releases without interesting or engaging content.”

First, I wonder if calling blogs a “social tactic” gets under the skin of senior business executives. I imagine they don’t want their people “socializing” online all day. I would think they’d react better and invest in something that had to do with “networking” with your target audience.

Second, there’s no reason to spend time and money developing a blog if no one comes to read and comment. Beyond the issue of finding your blog, there’s the issue of finding the time to read and comment, not to mention signing up in order to get published and all that stuff. You’ve really got to have the time and inclination, whether you’re the blog originator or the blogie.

Third, I wonder if there’s just some markets that aren’t especially suited for blog activity, particularly in the b2b space. Visited any blogs on nuts and bolts recently?

Last, those corporate communications professionals have probably had to prioritize what they need to get done. They have small staffs (if any) and while they are usually expert jugglers, they juggle those check list items that the CEO deems important.

So it may not be that these emerging social tactics are languishing. They’ve probably been prioritized.

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