B2B and putting the product on a pedestal

Don’t expect customers and prospects to gather around the pedestal you have created to ferret out the hidden benefits of your product.

While gawking happens in museums like the Louvre, in a b2b purchase situation, the buyers don’t get too excited about your latest ad touting the product’s gizmo-laden features. What they really want to know is: what’s in it for me.

The power of self-interest in b2b buying

Every creative concept should be based on customer and prospect challenges, issues and benefits. The only relevance that counts out there in this hard-to-conquer b2b world is your audience’s. Not the marketing department’s. Or your agency’s. Or your public relations firm. Or even your company’s.

All that really matters out there in the market jungle where messages live or die is “what’s in it” for your prospects. And spoken from your prospects’ point of view. What this means is every engagement concept should be based on customer and prospect benefits.

Where you can stick your benefits, my friend

Customer and prospect benefits should be reflected in every component of creative execution. They should be in every headline. And in subheads. And in visuals. They should be the basis of your website, the reason for your tweets, the core of your online and offline presence. they all work together to help the customer/prospect understand what your brand can do for them.

Shut up, be quiet, listen, then create

But you have to be willing to invest time in the research it takes to redefine your offering from the prospects’ point of view before you start writing or visualizing or designing. You need to understand their issues, concerns and buying criteria from their viewpoint. Then you need to invest the proper amount in the creative to make sure it communicates what your product can do for them.

Because without a strong, relevant premise even the most outstanding creative efforts will make indelible something that doesn’t matter to your audience.

And they will simply reject it. No matter your brand or your clever tag line.

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