Back to the b2b marketing wars

I wrote this blog in anticipation that I’d be too swamped when I returned to work on July 30th after a week out in Colorado to write a new blog entry. So I’m actually writing this in advance of having enjoyed a marvelous time in one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring states in the good ole US of A.

I will have hopefully truly stepped away from work for 5 full working days bookended by weekends plus an extra Friday thrown in for good measure. I was a good boy about keeping my eyes away from my business email on the iPhone and only checked once a day. I left my MacBook Pro back in the office so no way to get into trouble there. I set my email for automatic reply – do spammers pay any attention to that? And set my voice message, letting callers know I’m outta here for a while and likely won’t be checking voice mail very often.

I trust Valerie and I will be enjoying the gorgeous views of Crested Butte hiking and biking paths, thrilling to the ride on the five-segment Zip Line and finding a novice whitewater rafting experience. Not to mention fresh rainbow trout for lunch and dinner and general relaxation in the upper altitudes of the Colorado Rockies.

But trust that on this Monday, July 30, 2012, I am back at work, ready to take on the challenges of the b2b marketing wars. It’s always nice to get a break from the front lines. But it’s also nice to get back into the heat of battle.

Photo credit: Flickr ellenm1

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