Big Fish

I recently went to see “Big Fish,” a musical based on the movie based on the book. It’s in Chicago for a short five-week pre-Broadway debut before the Broadway opening on October 6th. A friend of a friend couldn’t use his tickets last minute and I am so glad I was the one she asked to go with her.

In short, the show was incredible. The story, the acting … wonderful. But the most inspiring aspect of the show was the set design. If you are familiar with the story, Edward Bloom is a storyteller and the ones he tells tend to be of the ‘tall tale’ variety. This was accentuated by the incredible use of projection to create fantastical scenes as Bloom’s story unfolded. One scene in particular, featuring the witch, was mesmerizing, using the actors themselves as projection screens. The effect was magical.

“Big Fish” isn’t in Chicago for much longer, but if you happen to find yourself in New York in the fall, I definitely recommend it. Bring Kleenex.

The Book of Mormon ad in the Playbill

My friend and I also got a big kick out of this ad, placed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the playbill, just pages away from the “The Book of Mormon: The Musical” ad. Kudos for disruptive placement!


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  1. Allie Cooper says:

    Big Fish is one of my favorite books/movies. I’m so upset that I’m going to miss this musical. Glad to hear it was a hit!

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