Blogs – the Trojan Horse of the Twenty-First Century?

During a recent turn-the-page read through of Forbes, I saw an interesting quote attributed to British-Irish suffragist and writer, Rebecca West. The quote was: “Motherhood is the strangest thing, it can be like being one’s own Trojan horse.”

As more and more companies have begun to sponsor and spend marketing dollars on blogs, I sort of feel like we might be giving birth to something similar – creating our own Trojan horse that rolls right into the center of our organization’s marketing universe. While most blogs are censored and nasty postings usually not allowed or are at least watered down, it’s still an easy way for unhappy customers and devious disenchanted employees to air grievances and paint their own perceptual picture for other bloggers to read and be influenced by. It’s also like providing our competitors open access to the dirty laundry hanging in our online temples or the great ideas and thinking that we belch out in this urge to be heard and published. And hopefully get someone to take the time to react to what’s been written – whether positive, negative or neutral.

I suppose it just comes down to whether in the long run this new, modern Trojan horse will be proven to be more advantageous or detrimental as a tool in an organization’s marketing arsenal.

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