Brand distinction or extinction?

So here’s a thought: A brand, by definition, must be distinctive from other brands or it isn’t really a brand at all. And on top of that, the distinction must be deliverable. No vaporware as far as your brand goes. No skeletons in the closet either.

A powerful brand is the internalized sum of all impressions by customers and prospects and confirmed by their interactions with your brand at every point of contact. Those impressions and experiences result in a distinctive position in their minds.

Alas, you and your company don’t get to decide whether or not your brand is distinctive. It’s only distinctive if your customers and prospects perceive and believe it is. And if its perceived distinction relates directly to important criteria your customers and prospects use to make a buying decision.

Being distinctive

To be truly distinctive in today’s B2B marketing world, your brand will have to meet several pretty specific requirements:
• It must be different in a way that is important and valued by customers and prospects
• It must be committed to providing certain emotional and functional benefits that customers and prospects value
• It must encapsulate those benefits into a meaningful promise to customers and prospects
• It must consistently deliver its promise

A way of life

Delivering on the expectations of your brand should become a way of life in your organization. It’s not about a name, logo or theme line. It’s about passion, organizational commitment and a unique promise that get fulfilled everyday.

So figure out what truly sets your brand apart and make that the core of your brand. The alternative may have you going the way of the dinosaurs.

For more about brand distinction and brand promises, download the Mobium e-book, Brandwidth.

Photo credit: Flickr: shvmoz

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