Have a heart

Consider this: Your company is not made up of pieces of equipment. Or an army of workers. Your company is made up of people. Individuals. Human beings.  And although your audience is made up of highly trained, analytical professionals, they too are human. They can be moved by logic and emotion as well.

Buyers have hearts

That’s why good business communications is written as people speak. As one person talks to a friend. In short, sometimes incomplete, sentences. Simple words. No jargon. Not because I’m less literate than you. But because that’s the way people talk. And that’s often the fastest way into someone’s mind.

Doesn’t it make sense that business communications be illustrated in human terms, using human situations? Shouldn’t visuals involve the human feelings of the viewer? In fact, as business marketing becomes more and more high-tech, communications should become more and more high-touch.

Even nameless prospects have hearts

The shortest distance into anyone’s mind goes through his or her heart. You’ve heard the old saying about sales representatives. The one that goes: People buy from people they like. Well, your brand and marketing communications can create just as strong a personality as your sales force. A brand personality can pre-dispose people to like you and make them want to interact with you.

So it makes sense that your communications should present your company’s message in a direct and honest way that shows you understand your audience’s needs. You understand their challenges and aspirations. And you understand that they are, in fact, also human.

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