How many brand experiences can fit into your budget?

April 27 MediaAs b2b marketers increasingly use more of the many communications channels to reach their customers and prospects, it gets even harder for a brand to break through all this clutter and noise to get noticed.

Experience cramming

In their new book “Trend Driven Innovation,” several members of the TrendWatching team have coined an interesting phrase that marketers should think about: “Experience Cramming.” This refers to the idea of a brand “collecting and mixing and matching as many and as wide a variety of new experiences as possible to form a collage that reflects the individual” consumer or customer. In other words, creating unique and memorable experiences that help build awareness, familiarity and preference for the brand with customers and prospects.

While on the surface this seems like a more business-to-consumer kind of approach to marketing, there’s certainly plenty of application for the idea of Experience Cramming in the b2b brand world as well. For instance, many b2b brands have a show room where their products and solutions are on display and ready for demo to prospects. Why not use these places to create even more and better brand experiences that aren’t necessarily attached to a product demo? Host an industry event, conduct a seminar or a fundraiser for a charity, to name a few.

Technology brands tend to host an annual user group meeting that hundreds, even thousands of customers attend. But most b2b brands cannot afford such extravagance. The days of inviting a thousand distributors to an invitation-only REO Speedwagon concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas are pretty much long gone and unattainable for the average-size b2b brand and totally out of reach for the smaller brands.

But the idea of creating numerous smaller, more affordable experiences is something the small to medium size b2b brands could probably work into their annual budget. The challenge is making these experiences memorable and meaningful to the customer and prospect. So here’s the challenge: sit back and think of some ways that you can create worthy experiences that “crammed” together help create a stronger bonds with your customers and prospects. Or perhaps call us and let us help you figure it out.

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