Knowing your audience’s purchase process is critical to success in B2B

These days, the B2B purchase process is a maze-like game, full of twists and turns, stops and starts, changes in needs and budgets. Not knowing the purchase process your target segment goes through to make a go/no-go decision involves a number of people with different agendas and responsibilities.

So what’s a marketer to do?

A critical factor in the success of your B2B integrated communications plan is having a good understanding of which audience segments to reach, with what messages, and at what time in the buying process. In order to do this properly, you need to know who all is involved in the buying process. Who is the primary decision maker? What’s important to them, when should they be contacted, how do you best reach them and how often. And of course, who else in the organization influences them and what’s important to these influencers and when do they get involved in the purchase process. And don’t forget the deal killers – those whose role is to think of all the reasons why not to buy your product or service.

Sales probably doesn’t know everyone involved

Whether you like it or not, your sales force probably doesn’t have access to many of these interdepartmental influencers. In fact, some of these people know little about you. Some of them don’t know what you stand for. Or what you do. Or even have a total lock of awareness of your brand!

So it’s only common sense that you had better define who these people are, what role they play in the process and what they are interested in. Then and only then can you determine how to map out your approach to reaching them all. And engaging everyone involved in dialogue that’s meaningful to them.

Mobium e-Book to the rescue

Check out the Mobium e-Book, Goosing. There is a whole lot more on the subject of understanding the customer’s buying process and goosing them along the purchase path to a decision.

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