Look for owls

My nieces, looking for owls. Photo courtesy of Molly Sabourin Photography, mollysabourin.com

My niece hates walks. Or hikes. Or anything remotely related to exercise. The rest of us, after a couple days of being inside and eating delicious food, thought a hike in the forest preserve near my parents’ house was just what we needed.


“She loves owls,” my sister-in-law said. “Let’s tell her we are going on an owl hunt!”

We had my sister meet us there with her kids, all under strict orders to ONLY refer to this family excursion as an “owl hunt” and to never mention the words “walk” or “hike.”

We watched in amazement as my niece, who would have been in tears if she knew what this really was, walked (and sometimes even ran!) along the path with her cousin, looking for owls. Every once in awhile, we’d yell after them, “Is that an owl?! I think I might see one!”

And she made it. The whole mile plus we walked, with no tears and no complaints.

Also, no owls.

“I knew we wouldn’t see any owls,” my sister’s son said. “Because they are nocturnal.”

Sometimes the solution is as simple as reframing the problem. Approaching it from a different point of view in a way that will achieve the same objective.

That’s something that we believe in here at Mobium. You can read more about it in this e-book.

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