Our new home – 200 S. Michigan Ave., Chi-Town

We’ve been in our new home at 200 S. Michigan for one whole week now, and quite honestly every time I come to work it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time again. site headers . It’s going to take me a while to get used to the pure awesomeness of our new space. My brain is still rich with excitement.

As soon as the elevator door bings open, your senses are flooded with an array of colors and shapes that all live and interact with one another to form a truly unique working environment. I feel as though the work place and the people who work there have finally found each other.

An underwater escape — designed by Laughlin Constable’s Chris Metcalf and skillfully painted on the office floor — can be seen twisting and turning, winding playfully down hallways and pouring out on to the lobby floors.

You find yourself mesmerized, wandering down hallways made of recycled wood pallets that have become an interesting collage of shape, color, light and the home to random objects. There are booth cubbies, views to die for, phone rooms, an awesome kitchen, mini collaborative rooms–or rather “wombs,” as they are called–and so much more. On each of the four corners of our space are retreats, as I see them; they are places where people are encouraged to gather, let off steam, laugh, brainstorm and just relax.

A lot of people don’t really think much about the space that surrounds them for a good portion of their day. Yet it is what you surround yourself with that plays a role in how you function day-to-day. I feel that this incredibly beautiful space will facilitate not only the functionality of the agency in general, but also its people. It’s awakening things that may have been dormant and helping other things to push forward and surface.

The office nurtures and contributes to the amazing synergy that seems to live here. The doors, walls, windows, bean bags — heck, even a ping pong table — are not just objects or play things…together they make work…home. Come visit us.

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  1. Bob Goranson says:

    You express yourself quite well in words for a designer-type!

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