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Most people nowadays, keep in touch through email and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Gone are the days of hand written letters. *Cough Cough* It may be that my age is catching up with me, but I miss receiving hand written letters and cards in the mail! There is just something special about opening up the mailbox to find a hand written surprise inside.

I try to send such written tokens to my family and friends on occasion just to show them how awesome I think are. When you receive mail from a family member or friend there’s a deeper social connection and experience factor there that can’t be replicated in the digital world. I even get fake hand written “letters” in the mail from spammers trying to fake that connection with me and win me over…puh-lease.

My friend Jeff got shipped off to Japan for the Navy a while ago and I always look for ideas to keep our friendship alive and special across such distances. These ideas are usually something simple like a funny card and a personal message and doodle by me. But, I have been looking for something different to bling up my normal letter and cool doodle and by chance I came across Pigeon Post.

In the spirit of carrier pigeons, the Pigeon Post kit comes with everything you will need to safely carry your hand written message to your family member or friend. This was just what I was looking for! It’s something unique, special and memorable. As much as I love the digital realm that I live in, there is still that part of me that hangs on to the days when snail mail was the thing to do.

I can easily send my friend an email or Facebook message (which I sometimes do) but I choose to be a little different in showing my friend how much I think of him and value his friendship. So go back, back, back to the days of snail mail and sit down and go doodle a message to someone special and keep that connection going.


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  1. Bob Goranson says:

    Nice blog, Kay. The art of letter writing is certainly fading away in our society.

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