Prognostication for 2015

6283676947_23e0f44e74_zWe decided to pretend that we can predict the future of B2B marketing.  So here’s my daring prognostication for the upcoming new year. The idea of Lean Marketing will start to play a larger role in B2B marketing communications efforts as we move into 2015. There, I said it!

Marketers will start to develop a more formal test/refine process versus current ad hoc approaches, making it an integral part of their communications planning.  In essence, marketers will use real time data in a more structured way to create more unified integration strategies that deliver the right message to the right individual at the right time through the right media. Lean Marketing test labs will start to proliferate.

This means the use of marketing software coupled with data analytics will continue to expand and be used in a way that enables marketers and their agencies to work closer together than ever before to create, deliver and measure communications in real time.

We’ll check back in a year to see how this prediction played out.


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