See things the way your customers see them

Copyright: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Copyright: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Ten plus years ago, I was in Dallas at a Pizza Hut national marketing meeting. Franchisees, ad agencies and corporate marketing folks all gathered for a couple days to discuss the next year’s promotional calendar. To provide context for how promotional decisions were to be made, the CMO stood up and offered a side-by-side comparison between the average Pizza Hut customer and the average Pizza Hut marketeer. The differences were vast and his point was simple: you are not the target market. Don’t make decisions based on what you think.

You see, in the marketplace there’s only one point of view that counts—your audience’s. Not yours. Not your agency’s. Not your company’s president’s.

No matter what you say, figure out a way to say it that fits your customers’ and prospects’ current perceptions—what’s important to them. Because if you don’t, they’ll simply ignore you.

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