Stand for something – or you’ll stand for nothing

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You can‘t afford to be perceived as just one of the herd offering the same stuff that everyone else is offering. To succeed in this new paradigm, you’ll have to become top of mind (number one) in something in your prospects head.


What not to stand for

Problem is most companies want to stand for everything. But the thing is, you can’t. If you try to stand for everything you’ll end up standing for nothing. That’s because positioning is not something you can pack into your product. Positioning is what you do with the prospect’s mind by understanding their worldview.

Stand in your prospects’ heads

To get there first, you have to speak with such creative impact that you simply take the position in the category. What many marketers don’t want to admit is that positioning is as much a creative issue as it is a strategic one.

So in order to capture and maintain a presence in your audience’s mind, you’re going to have to present not only a compelling but a consistent personality, voice and point of view. Each one of these components is a creative issue.

The terrible secret is out

Every creative strategy should establish or reinforce a consistent position for your company that is valued by its customers and prospects. And that is perceived by them to be distinctive. Every piece of creative communications must match that position.

So if your company is perceived to be a leader, your creative strategies should revolve around selling that concept that made you famous. And then broaden its applications.

If you’re not the leader, then you should find a perceptual niche no one else is filling and become its leader.

Now, I’ll have to kill you

Well, truth be told, positioning is a highly creative process. It involves the expert integration of words, pictures and ideas to build a unique brand position and personality for your company.

When done well, the right positioning forces communications to be relevant to your prospects. And gives all creative work continuity.

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