The dream to be a super hero | C2E2 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Let’s face it, we all have that nerdy kid inside of us, dreaming of becoming a super hero and playing among the clouds…WHOOoosh! This past Saturday I may not have made my dream of super hero status come true but I got the next best thing. I got to visit the C2E2 in Chicago where dreams and ideas can take form.

This was my first Comic Convention so I really didn’t know what to expect. I really think there is something for absolutely everyone there and I’m not being generous in that statement. I wish I could write about each and every thing that I saw but we don’t want to be here all day. So I’m going to talk about one aspect of the show I really liked and wasn’t expecting, independent artists. When I say independent, I mean everyone from artists you might recognize like Frank Cho, Don Kramer,  Phil Hester, and George Perez — to maybe some you might not have heard a lot of like Gus Fink and Mike Maydak.

To keep this short, I’m only going to touch on two of the many wonderfully talented people I saw there, Don Kramer and Gus Fink.

Don Kramer

Don Kramer has worked for both Marvel and DC and when we first found him he was penciling some work. . .Kramer was very personable, he had that sort of disarming personality and positive attitude. Kramer is crazy detailed in his work and I really love that attention to detail —the slight subtleties of light and darkness, the intricate folds in clothing or creases in skin, etc. The little things the average person might not notice is what draws me into Kramer’s works. You take a lot of these little things for granted and it’s not until you’re introduced to work like Kramer’s that you can truly appreciate works like this.

Gus Fink

I really enjoyed artist and toy designer Gus Fink’s work. While currently not in stock, Fink had some toys that were grabbed up by Rotofugi, a toy store that I’m quite fond of. I really loved his playful watercolor and ink style. Each of Fink’s prints were a delight to look at, some witty, others a play off some iconic story or character, then there are the ones that suck you up into some fantastic story and some I have no words for, they were just plain cool. Fink’s work really inspired me to maybe try some watercolor of my own.

Some other works and sites I want to mention are the Comic books for kids, meeting “The Guild’s Amy Okuda, getting an autograph by artist Jhonen Vasquez, chalk drawing, zombie motorcycles, “serious” books and weird but cool jewelry and clothes.

I’d really love to touch on everything that I saw there but after 7 hours of wandering around wide eyed and mouth agape I can only talk about a couple, list a few and maybe, maybe get some more people to go out and find that inner nerd and enjoy and support a convention like this.

Leaving was sad, but I left with a feeling of delight and pure inspiration…I want to be a super hero…ZooOOm!



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