The business value of b2b creative leverage

Saying something in a memorable way has monetary value. It can make a million-dollar budget work like three million.

In today’s world of business communications, our companies are like beautiful moths, while our repetitive, interruptive, boring messages the repelling heat of the porch light we as B2B marketers have been trying to land on for decades now.

Creative impact in the digital world

In a world where customers and prospects control information, communications and the buying process, customer engagement developed through creative impact is a lot more effective than repetitive, interruptive, self-serving messages. And whether you recognize it or not, it takes creative impact to engage people. Simply put, impact is crucial in starting the engagement process with a prospect. And it is vital to sustaining the communication dialogue over time through consistent, highly recognizable and memorable response messages.

Memorable means money

What that means is that you may not have to repeat your interruptive, self-serving message a hundred times. With true engaging, creative impact, you may only have to say it 10 times or 5 times or maybe only one time to get the same effect.

When you rely on frequency, you not only waste money, you also lose valuable time. Because without creative impact, your message is relegated to the slow seep of frequency.

The difference between impact and controversy

Anyone can create outrageous communications that shock and offend. That is not impact. Impact comes from stating a relevant message in a way people have never considered before. A creative message with impact has power because it’s not hiding behind the obscure, the obvious or the obtuse.

So the challenge for B2B marketers is to be creative. And to create an impact with your creative. BANG! The creative gong has been rung. Check out the Mobium e-Book, The Age of Engagement for further discussion about creative with impact power.

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