The deconstruction of random objects – motion/stills

Photos by Todd McLellan

I recently came across this photographer by the name of Todd McLellan and to say the least he’s crazy…crazy good.

Todd takes apart random items such as old clocks and telephones, and then lays them out in a neat and organized fashion and photographs the work. This is where the magic happens…Todd proceeds to bring these dismantled elements to life. What you have are ordinary objects that are “destroyed” and then transformed into something really quite wonderful to look at.

The dismantled objects by themselves are visually very interesting to look at; they create unusual patterns and shapes, and you find yourself wondering what parts go where and how they all might function together. It’s interesting to think that ordinary objects, perhaps ones that we take for granted or simply throw away after they have bored us, become outdated or simply have outlived their “usefulness” can take on new meanings and be transformed into something else. I was surprised at how complex some of these pieces were. Todd not only has quite a different and unique way of looking at ordinary things but an incredible sense of detail and a masterful skill set. I can’t even imagine how long it took him to create one of these pieces.

The action shots are fantastic. I’m still wondering how he managed to photograph these “actions.” The objects seem to burst every which way frozen in time, or perhaps they are all coming together. However you might perceive these works they are very inspiring, quite different and a joy to look at.

You can view a short video and more photos of this work at Todd’s website under “new work.”

Go forth, deconstruct…and be crazy.

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