The hard truth

Photo courtesy of Molly Sabourin Photography.

Photo courtesy of Molly Sabourin Photography.

On the way to a client visit in the burbs, I wound up killing time in a McDonald’s before the meeting. As it was time to go, I headed to the bathroom and found a McDonald’s worker holding the door open for an elderly woman who was using a walker. The worker held the door for me and exited, so the elderly woman and I were alone.

There were two stalls, the handicapped stall and a more-narrow-than-usual stall. The elderly woman made her way to the narrow stall. I held my breath. Her walker just barely fit the width of the stall and, in that moment, I saw a younger woman refusing to accept her aging body.

It occurred to me that sometimes we are the last to see about ourselves what is obvious to others. I knew that she would not be able to fit in that stall with her walker.

We see this with our clients as well. At Mobium, our role is to gain a deep understanding what our client’s customers and prospects really think about them and their competitors. By doing this, we help them shape their products and services to meet a real need.

Sometimes our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn how customers and prospects perceive them. And sometimes it’s not good news.

After a minute or two, the woman said in a somewhat defeated tone, “Well, I guess I’ll go in this one.” As she backed out and headed for the other stall, I offered some empathy, blaming the size of the stall. She didn’t respond.

It’s hard to accept the truth. But to see why we think it’s so important to understand how you are perceived by your customers, check out our e-book, Embrace.

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