Virtual fitting rooms? Say what?

Yes, please…I’d like one now.

Something that is not entirely new but is of recent interest to me is Tommy Hilfiger’s virtual fitting room to promote their Prep World Campaign. I remember when I first discovered augmented reality and me and a group of friends found ourselves crowded around an enormous mac monitor and proceeded to “drive” cars around on our hands. This was something that definitely intrigued me at the time and I’m happy to see that it is ever evolving. It’s amazing how much technology has grown and how much it really evolves and changes on a daily basis.

Recent examples of similar technology include:

  • Forever 21’s augmented reality billboard, where the model on the screen would interact with the crowd projected on it in real time.
  • General Electric’s Smart Grid, where a miniature landscape seems to come alive in your hands.
  • Toyota’s Augmented Reality, where the user can interact and “test drive” and play with the car. You can try out an example of just one type here.

And now, Tommy Hilfiger’s virtual fitting room, where anyone can try on various outfits using augmented reality. It sounds like Tommy Hilfiger is using this once-fantasized technology to enable their teams to be MORE in every way. I can’t imagine how much time, money and headaches this could conceivably solve in the future, not to mention the unique brand experiences it will bring to their audience. I can’t think of any augmented reality application off the top of my head (anyone?) that actually serves a useful purpose (besides to market)…yeah, you can “test drive” cars, but it’s more like a video game than a real life application of the technology. So Tommy Hilfiger has made something that is fun and practical in that it can actually serve a useful purpose.

According to, “The augmented reality fitting room helps extend the reach of the campaign for Prep World by giving anyone with a mobile phone who is close to a Tommy Hilfiger pop-up store the ability to engage with the brand in a unique way. Users can superimpose clothing from the collection onto themselves using the phone’s camera.”

This is something right out of a movie. I love how augmented reality is still being “discovered” and things like this are being constantly envisioned and created. We’ve come a long way from dreaming about things like Back to the Future’s JAWS attacks hologram…although I’m still waiting for that one.

Yeah, I’d like that too please…

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