Welcome to the b2b marketing jungle

In this new age of business communications, a dense jungle has been growing wildly around us. As we try to survive in this scary environment, we have been battered with rampant, gut-wrenching, and constant change. It’s become a marketing world where your customers and prospects now control the flow of information they want to take in, the communications they choose to receive and the purchase process is virtually under their control. And that has pretty much changed everything for B2B marketers. With every brand fighting for its share of the market, it’s truly become a survival-of-the-fittest jungle out there.

At Mobium, we quickly learned that there are two laws of survival.

Law #1: If you don’t want to be eaten alive—blend in

Maybe it’s because of all the upheaval that comes along with all the changes in marketing and communications. Or maybe it’s all the confusion that change has brought with it. But many B2B marketing communicators today are simply trying to keep from being eaten. They go with what is safe. They choose to look like every other brand in their marketplace. They simply decided blend in. And somehow try to survive (though probably not thrive.)

Law #2: Today, you need to stand out or disappear

In this new marketing jungle, if you want to attract new customers or get existing customers to re-purchase, you must stand out from the noise and clutter of the competition. You need to truly engage your audience. That’s because of the dynamics of this new age of business communications. Technology continues to expand and change how marketing is done. New media tactics and new engagement methods are stacking up higher than dirty dishes on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

So face up to this law of the jungle. Your marketing efforts must engage, or you’ll disappear from the mind of the B2B decision maker.

Content is not King of the Jungle

In this new marketing world, contrary to the emerging popular belief propagated by interactive agencies and social networking gurus, content is not engagement. Content is content. Engagement is making the content uniquely relevant, compelling and attention-worthy. And that is what will make you stand out instead of disappearing in the marketing jungle. It’s a matter of survival. Engagement can make your brand King of the Jungle.

Read more about this topic in the Mobium eBook, Age of Engagement.

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