What’s your life’s music soundtrack?

A friend of mine has brought up various artists from time to time, stating that if he could have a soundtrack for his life that these songs that he gravitated towards would be on them.

I think it was then that I first started to realize that I do the very same thing, but I had never put it into a conscious thought. I have a very broad music horizon and I tend to listen to certain types of music for specific tasks or moods.

Then there are those times where you need music in general…to inspire action in a specific task or stir up some type of emotion or mood. Even people with a year’s worth of songs in their iTunes find themselves at a loss for new music now and again…I think we all need that certain surprise or discovery; without these things we become stagnant and stale.

It is this need for the discovery of new music that drove me to the music site designers.mx. A coworker was kind enough to share this gem with me and I was instantly hooked. I remember camping out their Twitter feed waiting for those initial invites to go out. As of now, I believe all you need is a Twitter account to get access. This unique streaming music site is a place where designers come together to create unique covers and share their playlists…it’s all about discovery…discovery of thoughts, emotions, music, etc.

I think there is a play list for everyone–some spur you to action, some stir up memories or make your foot tap; for whatever you may be craving or trying to satisfy, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

A few new songs I’ve added to couple of my playlists are:

Band: Ida Maria
Song: Bad Karma

Band: Masquer
Song: Happiness

Band: The Kills
Song: Future Starts Slow

Band: The Flaming Lips
Song: Watching The Planets

So what’s on your playlist?

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  1. Bob Goranson says:

    Very cool. Back in the day, I had a reel-to-reel tape recorder and I would record these 90 minute soundtracks of my favorite music from my album collection. What I was missing was the album “cover” for my soundtracks. I still have the tapes I recorded though the recorder was long-age junked.

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