What’s your story?

What's your story?

Screen grab from Chipotle’s newest ad


I came across an article yesterday about an ad for a Taiwanese mobile phone company. It’s sent the ad world into a tearful frenzy with some people calling it “The biggest tearjerker ever.” And honestly, they may be right—this puppy could make even the stoniest of hearts grab frantically for the closest pack of tissues. Trust me, Bambi ain’t got nothin’ on this spot.

Where’s the product?

But the thing I found most interesting about this ad was that the company did not once mention the product until the end of the spot. And even then, it was only the tagline “Giving is the best communication” and a slow fade to the brand’s name, TrueMove.

The video has been viewed over 9 million times since its YouTube debut one week ago. I guess you can say it’s a hit.

So what?

Advertising has been transitioning from a direct messaging mantra to a storytelling platform and consumers are responding with retweets, Facebook posts and conversations starting with, “have you seen that ad for (insert product here)???”

Brands that are telling stories instead of spewing forth messages are stepping into the spotlight. These companies that may have gone unnoticed are becoming internet sensations. And others, whose branding may have previously disagreed with them, are being rediscovered and seen in a new and more flattering light.

A lesson from Chipotle

Let’s take a second to look at Chipotle. Many people probably still believe that the company is owned in part by McDonald’s. Not so—their website will attest to that. But Chipotle went a step further in their quest to differentiate themselves from the other fast food chains. In their newest ad spots, Chipotle weaves a tale of cultivating a better world with fresh products and meat that isn’t infected with hormones. Again, Chipotle doesn’t hire some doctor-actor to sit there and tell you about the benefits of Chipotle’s produce over their competitors, they tell you through stories. They move you, make you angry at big corporations that pump their product with every hormone under the sun, inspire you to want to cultivate change.

See what I’m getting at here?

What are some examples of brands that are telling stories that you’ve seen?

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